List of Mediums

I enjoy working with various types of mediums.

Painting –  I enjoy acrylic and water color.  I’m not a huge fan of oils, as I do not like the wait time involved for drying.  However, I do add medium to extend drying time for acrylics as they dry too fast.  LoL, guess I’m hard to please!  I enjoy painting on canvas, although I am always exploring other surfaces to paint on!


Drawing –  I enjoy a wide range of mediums when it comes to drawing and again, I’m not necessarily drawing on paper!   I like charcoal, graphite, pencil, prisma color pencils, water color pencils, pen and ink, india ink with a brush, and chalk pastels.  Again, I’m not fan of oil pastels…. wonder why… I’m also not a fan of oil and vinegar on my sub sandwich either!

I also enjoy air brush painting, and am getting into glass etching.

Ceramics/Porcelain – I have worked with porcelain many years ago.  I fired my own pieces in my kiln.  I was a fan of porcelain doll making and have sold many pieces back in the 90s, many one of a kind creations.  I also was a member of the Doll Artisan Guild,  I have a new interest in Ceramics.  A local studio has opened in my area, Just Kil’n Time Ceramics Studio in Waretown, NJ.  I love spending time there creating cool pieces!

I dabble in polymer clay from time to time making little mermaids.

I seem to dabble in everything to be honest! I’m not sure that there is much I haven’t tried!  I even have a collection of jewelry strands that I make into bracelets and necklaces!

I like to paint on wine glasses… and would love to learn how to make stained glass creations!

I am a huge fan of fiber arts, and consider myself a well seasoned fiber artist.

Did I mention Scrapbooking??  oh my dear Lord, I am 7 years behind on that!!

I also love macrame’, and am in the process of making some giant dream catchers!  (I’ve been in this process for many weeks, so I don’t anticipate the catchers to be done too soon)

I also love to sew!  I started out in my 20s making teddy bears.  I went on to designing clothing for the dolls I made.   I’ve been wanting to make a quilt from my daughter’s baby clothing, but haven’t started that yet, LOL.  Among other things, I’ve been making tooth fairy pirate and mermaid dolls!  I have all the materials to make Waldorf inspired dolls, but have not started that yet….  maybe this winter?

Ohhh.. let’s face it, I’m just a complete work in progress my entire life.  I’m sure there will always be something that is waiting to be finished….