Working with Gare Fun Strokes ceramic underglazes

In 2017, my friend, Debbie told me about a new ceramic studio called Just Kil’n Time in Waretown, Nj.  Lorraine Koffman is the owner of this fantastic studio! If you are local to the area, you must drop in and create something beautiful!  It’s a wonderful studio to spend time creating ceramic pottery from little trinket boxes to large platters!  I enjoy using the ceramic plates and mugs as my canvas and make custom plates with my artwork!  I really enjoy working with Gare Fun Strokes underglazes.  The colors are vibrant!  They are exactly what they are called, “Fun Strokes” because you can use them in a single coat for a lighter color, or even blend them as I do as if I were using acrylics or oils!  I’ve had a lot of success with my experimentation with painting with them!


I decided to make some seashore themed plates.  For the background of the plates I first painted the plates with two coats of  Polar Bear white.  For my third coat, I blended  Blue Ice with a little Polar Bear and some greens and yellows to get an ‘under the sea’ effect.  I spent many, many hours creating the plates, and I enjoyed every second of it!

I’ve also used the same technique on mugs and have also had a lot of success! Here are some of my other creations.


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