Coffee? nah… A cup of Art.

Ever since I’ve had my Keurig machine, I seem to drink less and less coffee.  I am not exactly sure why this is so…  So instead of my morning java, I settle for a glass of Oj or my favorite nectar; mango/orange.

I have so many unfinished projects.  My creative flow was interrupted by a fall requiring two back surgeries in two years.  And to complicate things even more, an auto accident that put me in a wheel chair for ten weeks or so.  In addition, a hand surgery that has left me unable to make a fist.  My life has seriously been interrupted.  My art, is mental therapy, to keep my mind creative, and my hands busy, so they don’t become totally useless.

I have some projects I worked on and will post some pics here.   I recently fell in love with some Waldorf dolls!  I hesitate on starting a brand new craft, but I am interested in hearing about the dolls if you have made one of these adorable cloth dolls! Please leave me a message and share pics!!





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