Hippity Hop! Down the bunny trail!


Let’s Hop right into spring! 

Here are some of my recent needle felted bunnies!

bunny9  The sweet little gray and white bunny holding a little basket of eggs is approximately 5″ H



 The white and tan bunny fits in your hands like a baby bunny! He is needlefelted with crossbatt and then layers of natural white roving is felted to give him a natural look.  His eyes are glass beads with detail needle felting around the eyes to form an eye socket!  He has natural horse hair whiskers.  All you want to do is just hold him and pet him!



This tuxedo colored bunny was one of my first bunnies! He is a husky little fella!



This sweetheart bunny is one of my very first needle felting projects! I actually made her to fit “into” the crochet dress and bloomers rather than try to dress her! I really have not been able to part with her because she is one of the reasons I fell in love with needle felting!  I also made the cupcake… which doubles as a pin cushion!

Happy Spring!



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    This Bunnies are delightful I WANT ONE!!!

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