Courage the Cowardly Dog


I never actually watched Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon… which aired between 2000-2003 on Cartoon Network.  A customer asked me if I could make Courage, and I ended up making several Courage dogs with a beautiful shade of pink wool that captured his character perfectly! I really enjoyed making this anthropomorphic pink dog so much that I also made his owners, Muriel and Eutace Bagge.  They portrayed a elderly, married couple that lived on a farm, basically in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas.  The cartoon was somewhat of a dark comedy created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network.  It is know for it’s bizarre misadventures, supernatural villians, is often surreal and riddled with bizarre plot twists.  I never realized that there were so many Courage fans out there, and now I too am a huge fan of this pink Cowardly dog named Courage!

Every Courage that I create is unique.  They each have a different expression, or pose. My characters are needle felted over hand made wire armature and are completely poseable! This allows for some really cool poses! Eutace was notorious for scaring Courage by wearing the MASK! The mask is completely needle felted with a wire attachment to clip to his body.

Grandma, Muriel, was a plump little elderly lady with an apron. She loved her little dog Courage! She is also completely needle felted over a wire armature.  As always, all the clothing is made out of custom fitted patterns I create for each doll.  Because each doll is one-of-a-kind and never perfectly duplicated, patterns are made for each individual doll as they are created!

This display of Courage the Cowardly Dog characters have been sold.  The Courage dogs pictured were approximately 5-6″ tall.  I will be posting for auction on Ebay some new Courage dogs that are much larger in height and diameter! Let me know if you would like to know when they go to auction!


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